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Leonor Fini
Oil Paintings
1931 - 1987

Circa 1970

A frequent subject in Fini’s paintings is a beautiful face. Visage is a particularly fine example. It is painted in one of her favorite color palettes; orange and beige. She once told me that she was color blind to various shades of red and this is why she gravitated to burnt umber and its derivative colors.

The image is more specific, leading one to suspect that there was an actual model she had in mind; possibly an adolescent child of someone she knew. In this manner it departs from her typical ‘imaginary faces.’ Oil on paper on canvas, 10.5” x 9.75”.As with many of Fini’s faces, there is a distinct resemblance to herself and a hint of self-portraiture.


I met Juan Piniero, the Argentinean poet, who was part of Fini’s ‘Inner Circle’, before I physically met Fini. In fact, it was probably Juan’s ‘approval’ of me that gained my entrance into Leonor’s world.

I had telephoned Fini (yes, she was listed in the phonebook) during a visit to Paris in the early 1980’s. I expressed an interest in purchasing two of her books (Mirror des Chats and Les Etrangers). Little did I know that I had selected books by two members of her ‘family,’ Richard Overstreet and Juan Piniero.

Leonor told me to contact Juan and gave me his phone number. I met with him and over time we became friends. He must have told Leonor that I did not have two heads because shortly after meeting him, Leonor invited me to her summer home for lunch!

I would see Juan whenever I was in Paris and we would go to his bank vault where he showed me many gifts from Leonor and told me they were available for purchase. He asked me not to tell Leonor he was selling them. Many years later, Leonor ordered me to, “Buy something from Juan, I am tired of giving him money!” She had clearly given him gifts to help him survive financially.

Visage is an oil on driftwood, 5” x 9”, and was given to Juan while they were on a vacation with a large group of friends in Corsica.

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